Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Marc Almond

Remember him ? Well, if you are from the UK, and were in your teens in the 80's then you would. The thing is, this guy gave me a lot of the answers I wanted when I was young. I was very Naive (yes I was!) and I was searching for a pth to take. Then came along the new wave era, and my two favourite Artists, Marc Almond (Soft Cell) and Depeche Mode. (Sorry to both, I dont think they actually fit as a couple).

Anyway, her I am stuck in Vienna, now its a beautiful place, no doubting that, and I havent met a person here yet that wasnt friendly (slightly mad or disconcerting, but always friendly), and so I went to a bookshop , as I have now reached past this years exploits of Harry and Ron, and purchased a book about Marc Almond, called In search of the Pleasure Palace.

I dont think i have ever had a book make me smile so much, this description of Marc's life and feelings is so akin to my life that I had to giggle at all the little annoyances he had, the observations etc etc. It was rather uplifting, to find that someone who had also come from an out-of-london experience had grown up to have such a similar outlook on life as me (we even both emigrated to Spain about the same time). Anyway, buy it, read it, love it or hate it, I think its a good read over a glass of wine inthe park of a boring afternoon, and I would like to hear what your thoughts are of our outlook on life :)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Danau Insel, a Naked Day out.

Its early on a saturday morning, and for some reason I am up and about with the lark. It is a beautiful day in Vienna, and i had decided that a trip to Danau Insel, the island park in the Danube, would be a nice way to spend the day. Picking up my copy of Harry Potters latest adventures, I clambered into a taxi, asking him to deposit me in the vacinity of the naked people, a request that may have elicited many raised eyebrows in the UK, but here seems to be a normal instruction.

Its an adventure in itself to arrive in the park, as I now reside in Spain, which is seeing its worst drought for centuries, the abundance of greenery and trees is a wonder to me, being naked in nature is the most wonderful of feelings. After extracting myself from the hot leather seats in the taxi, I wander off in the direction of the FKK areas that are widely advertised in front of me.

At first, I thought that I had happened upon a small area where you could sunbathe as nature intended, and quickly removed what little I was wearing and settled down in the grass beside the river to take some interest in what was happening at Hogwarts this summer. I hadnt really thought that i could lie in one place for very long, its not something that I am used to doing, so it was only about half an hour before the number of people that trailed past me heading to the south peaked my interest and caused me to stuff Harry and my clothes back into my bag whilst i trailed this ever increasing traffic flow to see where it led.

I hadnt quite bargained on the size of this area, nor its popularity, I passed thousands of families, groups of friends, students and OAP's in various configurations of picnic taking, bathing and playing, all as nature intended, as I walked naked down the path that led towards the south of the island. There were multiple little beer gardens and grill bars along the way, all happily serving their naked guests as if this was the most natural thing in the world, which to me, of course, it is. However, you only have to think that not a mile to the west the same people would frown at you if they saw you walking down the street without a shirt on a hot day.

I walked for two hours, at a reasonable pace, taking in the ambience, the beatiful scenery, the natural surroundings and the abundance of people of all shapes and sizes that were enjoying their day in the most natural way. I could not beleive how good i felt in this paradise i had found.

At last i gave up on my trek and called into a Beer Garden for some refreshment and a chance to catch up with Harry, Ron and Hermoine whilst the day was still young. An absolutely surreal experience to sit naked in such a place and to be served by some beautiful Austrian ladies, whilst I poured over my book and every hour gaining a better feeling about myself and my world. I have to admit that after some time the beer had helped to increase my feeling of ultimate peace with the world, but nonetheless the overall effect of this garden of Eden has had on my feeling of wellbeing is immesurable.